Frequently Asked Questions


What is Marcalan?

Marcalan Nipple Cream is one of the world's purest Medical Grade lanolins. Its smooth emollient feel and natural qualities provide relief for for sore and damaged nipples, and safety for babies.

How is Marcalan different?

Marcalan's unique formulation is;

  • easily applied
  • of such high purity it does not need to be removed prior to feeding (thus eliminating further handling of damaged tissue)
  • designed to accelerate moisturisation between breastfeeds
  • designed not to clog pores or interfere with feeding
  • naturally derived
  • free from fragrance or water
  • contains no preservatives and no additives
  • Australian Made and Australian Owned

How does Marcalan Work?

Marcalan Nipple Cream provides a semi-occlusive barrier, critical to providing a scab-free moist healing environment (Research has revealed wounds heal 50% faster and without scabbing or crusting  using wound healing techniques). This slows the evaporation of moisture naturally present in the skin, thereby eliminating further drying and cracking. It also re-hydrates from within, returning exposed nerve endings to a more normal moist state. Exposed nerve endings are a source of pain.

How do I use Marcalan?

With clean hands, soften a small amount between fingertips and apply to the entire nipple area.

PRE-NATALLY: Use sparingly once or twice daily during the third trimester to help condition the skin, making the nipple more elastic and supple.

POST-NATALLY: Apply sparingly before and after breastfeeding or as required, to provide soothing relief and to protect and moisturise. Apply before and after showering if required.

Where can I buy Marcalan?

You can buy Marcalan at your local pharmacy and at all Woolworths and BIG W supermarkets and selected Coles supermarkets.

Is Marcalan safe for my baby?

Marcalan Nipple Cream is made from highly purified Medical Grade Lanolin and contains no preservatives or additives. It is safe for baby to breastfeed after you have used Marcalan and does not need to be removed from your nipple before you feed.


What is Moist Wound Healing?

Moist wound healing is the practice of keeping a wound in an optimally  moist environment in order to promote faster healing. Research has shown  that moist wound healing is three to five times quicker than the  healing of wounds that are allowed to dry out.  

 British researcher George D. Winter described the benefits of moist wound healing  in the 1960s. His research demonstrated that moist environments  optimize healing of wounds. In the 1970s and 80s, moist wound healing  became a standard practice. 

What are the Benefits of Moist Wound Healing?


Before the theory of moist wound healing was developed, dressings were  used primarily to absorb fluid, protect the wound from injury and limit  exposure to infections. The natural scab on the wound was considered to  be a normal part of the healing process. However, moist healing theory  discovered that by preventing the body from developing a scab, wounds  could not only be healed faster, but also better. 

Here are some of the  benefits of moist wound healing: 

  • Wound Healing Takes Less Time 
  • Decreases Incidence of Wound Infection 
  •  Preserves Growth Factors in Wound Fluid 
  •  Stimulates Collagen Synthesis 
  •  Reduces Pain 
  •  Reduces Scarring

The Importance of Moist Wound Healing in Breastfeeding

For the best wound care outcome and the quickest healing process, moist wound healing is the best choice. 

Source: WoundSource - April 2016

Marcalan Nipple Cream employs the principles of moist wound healing by providing a semi-occlusive barrier, slowing the evaporation of moisture and aiding in rehydration of the nipple tissue. 

What if I still have breastfeeding problems?

If you still have breastfeeding problems, seek professional breastfeeding advice. You can find a Lactation Consultant in Australia and New Zealand below 

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My Lactation Consultant put me on to Marcalan and I could see and feel the results almost immediately. If it were not for Marcalan I would have weaned at six weeks and would never have known the true joy of breastfeeding"   Sarah J.  NSW

"I have had great success with Marcalan lately used pre-natally and also post-natally. There is no grazing, no broken skin, and no deeply fissured skin. Mothers go home from hospital with totally unscathed nipples" Lactation Consultant - SA